Friday, October 17, 2008

Just popping in... say hi! Hi blog! You may have guessed I've been a bit busy lately, and that would be a correct guess! But I have done a few things:

Brother's Aggie Ring
Went to College Station for my brother's Aggie Ring Day. Congratulations brother!!!

Louisiana Hot Sauce
Went to see my cousin play soccer in Lafayette. Apparently, Louisiana Hot Sauce was a tournament sponsor!

After the tournament, my aunt and I went to the Festivals Acadiens et Creole, where they had many delicious food booths, including this one. Jambalaya, Poboys, Frog Legs, and Pork Rinds. So awesomely Louisiana.

And at least one booth with beignets, aka the most delicious food evah!

Good times, friends, good times! And now, back to work! Ciao ciao! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. =)