Saturday, March 6, 2010

Givin' Up

On that green. (Yeah, this one.)

These are the last pictures I will take of that scarf, at least when trying to get the color correct:

Parallel Love!

Parallel Love!

I think the first one is better. I think. But neither of them are correct, and the real color is kind of between the two. I feel a little bit better, though, 'cause the color on the website (scroll down to Aztec Turquoise) isn't right either.

So I wash my hands of this green!

But not without some fun tags on Flickr. My personal favorite is "stop overloading my green sensor you evil color".

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Step in the Right Direction

The color on that turquoise yarn is still vexing me.  But I think I've figured out the first step in fixing it, which is correcting the saturation.  I was reading about photographing intense reds (related to red yarn, of course, because that's apparently all I take pictures of anymore...) and they mentioned that since the camera has red, green, and blue color channels, if you overwhelm one of them, you can get less-than-ideal results.  I think that's part of what's happening with this turquoise. 

Here's an SOOC shot of the scarf-in-progress:

Parallel Lines Desaturation

Ack!  Color overload!

Here's a desaturated version of the same image:

Parallel Lines Desaturation

Much better.  The color tone is a lot truer, although it's still not completely accurate, and the brightness of the yarn is gone.  I think my next try will be to take pictures of the scarf with a lot of other colors in the frame, to hopefully even things out.  Cross your fingers!