Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sonneberg Photos

After we finished up in Boston, my group flew to Germany where we spent two weeks working at the plate archive housed at the Sternwarte Sonneberg (Sonneberg Observatory), which is a wonderful observatory in the small town of Sonneberg. As usual, I took zillions of pictures and have finally gotten around to selecting and uploading some of the better ones. Instead of photo overload like the last post, I present this fancy slideshow! (Thanks to Photojojo for the link to FlickrSlidr, which automatically creates the embed-able slideshow from easy!) Click on any of the pics for more info, and the option to go to the Flickr page. Or, you can just go straight to the set.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

My group spent a week in Boston working at the Harvard College Observatory, and we happened to be there the week when all the flowers were blooming. Perfect!

Pink Rose

Maroon Rose in the Rain

Red Rose in the Rain

Red & Yellow Rose in the Rain

Purple Iris in the Rain

Purple Iris

Purple Iris

Pink Rhododendron

I like to think that these are Purple & Gold for LSU:
Great colors!

Many of the flowers were in here, a lovely treat I got to walk by daily:
Sacramento Street Community Garden

If you know what kind of flowers these last two are, I'd love if you would share. Thanks!
Neat flower

Pink blooms

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Welp, I'm back from my trip(s) and so glad to be home! (My Louisiana home, not my Texas, New Mexico, or Italy home, haha.) I have thousands (literally) of pictures, the best of which I'll edit and post, hopefully sometime soon, once I get caught up on work and get over the sore throat/cold I picked up a few days ago. Some of my favorite pics have gone up on Flickr already, so you can check 'em out if you want. But, the strangest thing just happened, so I thought I'd share. I walked through my complex to get my mail, and what did I see but this:


Huh?!? My first thought was "Well, I've never lived anywhere with a pool, so maybe this happens all the time?" And then my second thought was "Um, there are a lot of hunters in Louisiana..." Lo and behold:

Makes more sense now...

Dang. I was hoping it was real!

In other news, I took a Photoshop class today (how I love LSU and their free computer classes), so I can finally do basic things like, oh, load a picture, make a layer, apply a filter, etc., that I could never figure out on my own, and am hoping to play around with some of PW's tutorials in the future (on the school computers, which have CS3 - woo!). I'm also hoping I can figure out how to download her actions to a jump drive and play with those, as well. Anyone done that? Run actions off a jump drive? I'll keep y'all updated if it works! =)