Friday, March 13, 2009

It's 3am...

...I must have a midterm tomorrow! (Well, later today...)

For Melissa, who requested more of these.

Illy = Love

I love Italian coffee. I don't love midterms.
And no those are not dirty dishes in the background. And they are definitely not leftover from breakfast. No way.

Back to studying!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drive-By Blogging

I have no business blogging this week. But I'm really good at avoidance and denial, and I promised Melissa (who is suddenly blogless? what???), so here goes:

I got a new toy today!
New Toy!

After longing for one since Nin posted about it, then getting to play with my uncle's, I finally gave in and dropped a chunk of my savings from summers at camp on a D-Lux 4. Love. The very first picture:

Very First Picture!
I could be lamer cooler, but it would be hard. I got up early, booked it to UPS, and drove straight to the office, where I charged the battery then took a pic as soon as I could!

More fun shots from today:
Waiting for Seminar
Waiting for seminar to start. (Hi Zach!)

My Cool Professor
My prof, making faces at my friend who was taking the pictures.

Shannon's so Pretty!
Shan and I went for a little walk around campus (sometimes you just need to get out of the building!) and I made her model for me.

Knit Night Candid
This picture sums up one of the biggest reasons I bought the camera: in a dimly-lit restaurant (yeah Knit Night!), after the sun had set, I got a great picture without using the flash. Love.

Now, back to work! =)