Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tree Lighting!

Today was the annual lighting of the LSU Christmas Tree:


Petits Fours

Army of Chocolate Santas:

And the Snowmen to back them up:

Bet you've never seen Purple & Gold Christmas decorations:
Purple & Gold Christmas Decorations!

Nutcracker Preview:
Nutcracker Preview
(Sorry she's blurry!)

Lens Envy:
Lens envy, with emphasis

Memorial Tower:
LSU Memorial Tower

Chancellor O'Keefe
, about to push the button:
Chancellor O'Keefe, Captioned

Lit up!

LSU Christmas Tree

Lights on the LSU Christmas Tree

Now back to work!

(I figured that since I finally gave in and got Flickr Pro, I'd give them a try for hosting blog photos, especially since Picasa/Blogger's been a bit wonky lately. Any thoughts?)

(ETA: I had to widen the field of the posts to fit the pictures at this size, but I don't know how to widen the background image - I'm CSS-impaired, despite my attempts to learn - so please bear with me until Christmas break when I can learn CSS and fix it! Gracias!)


  1. I love the army of snacks wow!

    Now I gotta go find out what CSS is !!!??>?

  2. The background will have to be created to bed wider. It is one image set to the width of the original design.

    You can also determine the color of the background at the far right (the lightest shade) and replace the #fff with whatever the actual color is in the CSS. :)

  3. Thanks OMSH!!! I was afraid that might be the case...but I'll figure it out and get it fixed one of these days!

    barb - Hi! The best part of the snacks was that they tasted as good as they looked! =) Do you have a blog? Blogger is linking me to your profile, which is set to private. If you have a blog, I'd love to visit it, just post the address here. Thanks! =) Oh, and if you want to learn about CSS, go check out OMSH's Wordpress Wednesdays - she has a few CSS articles that are great, I just haven't had time yet to delve into them.

  4. Hahahahaha! Lens envy. Man I have that a LOT! I have a lot of camera envy too though. I have a perfect for me Rebel XTi, but now I want a more professional model with kajillions of expensive lenses. These pics are beautiful, although the petit fours just make me hungry!

  5. LOVE them!!! You have an eye for photography!

  6. P.S.- I'm adding you to my blogroll!!

  7. Wow, I've never seen an outdoor tree decorated so exquisitely.

  8. The photos are SO beautiful!! I loved the tree before AND after.

    I fully understand lens envy ... but I think your photos are brilliant with the lens you're using right now!

  9. Wow What a feast for the eyes.

    I totally want some chocolate now!

    I found you via pioneer woman...

  10. I HAVE seen a Purple and Gold tree! You see, I live in Louisiana. Not far from BR! My BIL has a Purple and Gold office in his house filled with LSU stuff!

    I discovered your blog from Canterbury Tales. Your pictures are super!

  11. Oh - and I also have "lens envy" - I would love some of those big ol' lenses for my Canon dSLR.


I heart my commenters! =)