Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!

I hit up my first Louisiana Mardi Gras parade last Saturday - the Spanish Town Parade in downtown Baton Rouge. Unfortunately, most of my pics of the floats were not very good because of where we were standing (it was great for catching beads, though!), but I did wander around afterward taking pictures. You can see the good ones here. After the parade, there were thousands of beads still on the street:

Beads on the Street

It's sort of like Mardi Gras threw up, yeah? We found lots of good strands on the ground though, and added them to our already ridiculous collection. =)

Here's to a happy & safe Fat Tuesday, a contemplative Ash Wednesday, a fulfilling Lent, and the promise of a glorious Easter! =)


  1. I love it! Mardi gras threw up. You are too funny!

  2. Like I said it looks from the photos that y'all had a blast.
    Glad ya had a great time. Only been once but what a great memory.

  3. "Mardi gras threw up" ... utterly hilarious!! :-)
    My 2-year-old would adore being in a sea of beads!

    Thanks so much for the knitting advice - will not be felting this project, yay! Hee hee ...

  4. I also loved the "Mardi Gras threw up" quote.

    Loving the photo of the beads...

  5. I love your quote! Mardi Gras threw up! Ha, ha! So funny! : )

  6. My youngest daughter visited New Orleans two times to help clean some houses. She loved it.

  7. Awww! You are just the sweetest! We made it fine- just really noisy out there! Thnks for being such a sweet friend! : )

  8. would it be repeative if I said I love that mardi gras threw up? :)

    and I just tagged you--go read my blog


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