Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Welp, I'm back from my trip(s) and so glad to be home! (My Louisiana home, not my Texas, New Mexico, or Italy home, haha.) I have thousands (literally) of pictures, the best of which I'll edit and post, hopefully sometime soon, once I get caught up on work and get over the sore throat/cold I picked up a few days ago. Some of my favorite pics have gone up on Flickr already, so you can check 'em out if you want. But, the strangest thing just happened, so I thought I'd share. I walked through my complex to get my mail, and what did I see but this:


Huh?!? My first thought was "Well, I've never lived anywhere with a pool, so maybe this happens all the time?" And then my second thought was "Um, there are a lot of hunters in Louisiana..." Lo and behold:

Makes more sense now...

Dang. I was hoping it was real!

In other news, I took a Photoshop class today (how I love LSU and their free computer classes), so I can finally do basic things like, oh, load a picture, make a layer, apply a filter, etc., that I could never figure out on my own, and am hoping to play around with some of PW's tutorials in the future (on the school computers, which have CS3 - woo!). I'm also hoping I can figure out how to download her actions to a jump drive and play with those, as well. Anyone done that? Run actions off a jump drive? I'll keep y'all updated if it works! =)


  1. Glad to see you're back. Belated congratulations on the A's and test passing. Whew! So good.

  2. how I hate that I can't figure out photoshop! and matt doesn't have the patience to teach me. . .he thinks I should read the *gasp* textbook!! I'm done with school! i don't read textbooks!
    once I get to your point, I'm totally jumping into PW's tutorials.

  3. This is hilarious! My neighbors have fake ducks in their front yard, fools me everytime!


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