Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cool dSLR Feature #98393878

Burst mode! Burst is a setting on dSLRs where you can hold down the button and the camera continually shoots photos until (a) you stop pushing the button, (b) the buffer fills, or (c) your memory card fills. I just experimented to see how many shots before I got to (b) or (c). I got bored sometime after 80 and quit, haha. (It did slow down for a bit around 45, but then picked back up...it was probably emptying the buffer...) It's tons of fun to shoot on burst; in fact, I almost never turn it off. I feel like the paparazzi...clickclickclickclickclick...

My camera can take about 2.5 pictures per second; fancier cameras shoot more quickly. My point-n-shoot even has a psuedo-burst setting: it will take 3 frames in a row, giving you a bit of help in the constant battle with shutter delay.

I love playing around with this feature at sporting events. Here are some images from tonight's LSU Men's Basketball game:

Neat, eh? Interested in more info? I have to bow out for now (big quantum test Friday...), but click here for lots of details! =)

e.t.a. - Apparently the pics weren't working...but they should be there now...

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