Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My first published photo!

Ok, well sort of published, but still. =) The past five summers, I've worked at Philmont Scout Ranch, in Cimarron, NM. It's one of my absolute favorite places on Earth, and the source of many of my favorite photos. There is an organization called the Philmont Staff Association comprised of current and former staff members that exists to support the Ranch and the current staff, and to keep former staff in contact. They maintain a website that has a photo masthead that changes with the season. The webmaster was looking for photos to use for this winter, so I submitted a few, and one got picked!

Here's the original:

(as always, click to embiggen!)

And the screenshot of the page:

Woohoo! I am so excited! I took the photo, along with many others, when I visited the Ranch for New Years Eve 2006/2007. A huge snowstorm had shut down the state (literally) and so my travel plans were...well...slightly different than planned. Flights canceled, roads closed, hotels overbooked, etc. Luckily, when I finally made it, I was rewarded with some awesome scenery. It pays to persevere. =)


  1. Oh my word that is just lovely. That would just make my day - week - month year - lifetime to be published. You are one happy photo taker I can just imagine.

    Oh I just order PhotoShop Elements

    How goes your testing?

  2. hoo, congrats! how exciting :)

  3. that's awesome! way to be famous! :) in the phil-world at least

  4. Congratulations!! I can see why they picked it!! Beautiful. That's so exciting!

  5. I am in shock you also have KP!! We are soul sista's! : ) I'm sure it is pretty common, but you never hear anoyone talk about it.

  6. Ahahahaa!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, you've been MEME'd! Click here to learn your fate.... *muahahaha*

  7. You have a wonderful blog. I just found it, via Ravelry. I haven't just bookmarked it, I've made it my homepage.

    I recently bought a Nikon D50 and looking forward to taking good pictures someday.

    I'm JConklin on Ravelry, by the way.

  8. Congratulations!!

    Sweet photo :)


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