Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hi Mom!

My Mom told me the other day that she was tired of looking at my dirty dishes on this blog. ;) So here's a quick new post!

Happy Birthday Brother!

My "little" brother with his birthday cake. As I say on the Flickr page, "There's a good story behind it...hopefully one day I'll tell it, illustrated, on the blog."

About two more weeks of classes to go...


  1. awwww...I like that pic! I probably need a copy of it for the scrapbook. Got any other good ones from that weekend?

  2. dirty dishes? Come my friend, come to my house and see what a REAL kitchen full of dirty dishes looks like. lol

    happy birthday to your 'little' brother!

  3. Haha, Krystal, I bet yours are much worse than mine! I can usually manage to hide 'em well enough that they're not in the photos. ;)

    Yeah Mom, I'll get 'em up sometime...after finals!

  4. 3 layers!! Looks amazing!


I heart my commenters! =)