Friday, February 20, 2009

It's 3am I must be lonely...

What was an annoying little cough this afternoon and evening has reared its ugly head as Tuberculosis Junior (TJ) tonight.  TJ is simultaneously keeping me from sleeping and from calculating the potentials of confocal spheroids.  (Homework.  Due tomorrow.  Nowhere near finished.  Hurts brain.  Requires focus.  Can't focus and cough at the same time.)  So instead I'm sitting here drinking tea, trying not to cough up anything really gross, and catching up on some blogs.  They've been woefully ignored lately.  I blame the Ravelry Twilight groups.  I used to attack my Google Reader at mealtimes, now I chat with the ladies over there.  They are more fun.  Oh well, whatev.  Anyways.  Blogs.  I thought I'd share some recent favorites with you.

Of Course, I Didn't Have a Camera. by the amazing Dez at Mambocat's Knitting Asylum.  I go to that market every week I'm in town.  It's amazing.  She describes it well, and shares her refreshing outlook.  She also makes beautiful yarn.  I spend a lot of money at her booth, and in her newly-opened store.

I Want Gum! by Kim at Mommy Knows.  I cried I was laughing so hard at this.  NSFW.  (Not safe for work.)  I'm so grateful that digital cameras and blogs didn't exist when I was growing up.

I'm loving the new-ish blog academichic.  Basically, it's a blog by three Ph.D. students about what to wear as a female Ph.D. student.  They even have Fashion 101 modules/challenges and calls for papers!

Eye-tracking studies: more than meets the eye from the Official Google Blog.  I think this is fascinating.  I wish I could track what I look at like they do in the video example.

And that's it for now.  Still with the coughing, though the Vicks is starting to help a little bit.  But TJ has made my tummy hurt, too.  (Whine whine whine.)  So I'm going to curl up in bed and pretend to sleep so I can get up early and tackle the homework...ciao ciao.


  1. Aaargh, shame!! Hope the vicks kicks in big time. Thanks for the blog links ... always looking for new fun places to go!

    You know, you should post 3am rambles more often! :o)

  2. Boo, get well soon. Why do people have to get sick? And why do kitties have to get sick? Grrr, I wish sickness didn't happen. Feel better soon (((HUG))).

  3. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the shout out :). I am going to check out the others now.

    MK xo

  4. Thanks y'all! I am getting better, slowly but surely. Being out at Mardi Gras all day Saturday set me back a bit, but I should be able to do a lot of recuperating the next few days while I work at home.

    And Melissa, I usually try to be asleep at 3am! So hopefully there won't be too many more 3am rambles. ;)


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