Friday, September 12, 2008

I DON'T like Ike.

Ike Friday Morning
(Image from Weather Underground)

Get ready, Tejas. Based on the outermost bands that we started getting last night, this storm sucks. A lot. Good luck to everyone in the path - stay calm but alert, don't be stupid, evac if you're told to, and be excellent to your neighbors when the power goes out.

(We're certainly taking a harder hit because we are still in a damaged state, but we've got street flooding and have lost a lot of the power that the energy companies had worked so hard to restore. And remember my awning, that Gustav blew over on itself? Now it's dangling by a screw and a half, right in front of my door, banging my door every time the wind blows. I'd get it down myself but I don't have a ladder, so hopefully my complex will come get it today!)

Good luck! Sending good thoughts and prayers for calm winds and not much rain!!!


  1. Eek, he's a big one. No, we're not in Houston, but we have a lot of friends there. We're supposed to get pelted with storms from it this weekend, not fun.

    Good luck, hope your awning get's taken down soon!

  2. Sorry you're getting hit twice. Geez.

  3. stay safe Missy and please remember your advice.....praying for your safety........check in when ya can.

  4. Thanks y'all - everything should be just fine for us. I just hope Texas does alright.

    To Bailey, do you have a blog? I can't get there from your Blogger profile, but I'd love to stop by if you do! =)

  5. I'm glad you are safe! Keep the pics coming!!


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