Friday, September 12, 2008

If you're not tired of it yet... are some more pics from around town!

A mess of tangled wires and trees:

Utilities workers from all over the country have been brought in to help with power restoration efforts:
Yay Electric Workers!
It's fun to play the license plate game! These are from Indiana and Mississippi.

There are also debris removal trucks from all over:
Debris Removal Trucks
The boxes on the back are bigger than standard 18-wheeler boxes. (There is a better word than "boxes" but I can't think of it right now.)

There are a lot of uprooted trees like this:
It's incredible to see in person.

Here's an idea of the scale of that tree - see my lens cap sitting on the side?
Uprooted Tree
(If not, click the pic to go to Flickr where there's a note pointing to the lens cap.)

Funny Sign #1
The Necessities

Funny Sign #2
Heck Yeah

The current state of my awning:
The Awning
It's blowing all around, scratching up my door, and occasionally hitting my doorbell. It's quite funny, actually.

And lastly, yesterday there was a beautiful rainbow that crossed right near the moon:
Rainbow + Moon
I took the shot from my car so it's crummy, but trust me that it was really beautiful!

Good luck Texas! Stay strong!


  1. You seem to keeping up really good spirits about this whole thing--good for you! (You know, since your town does look crazy-messed up.)

  2. I think that if I didn't work hard to stay in good spirits, I would be really depressed. So many people have had their houses destroyed, their possessions ruined, have lost more than a week of income, etc. The number of people who are still without power (and will be for another week or so) is staggering. But, as disasters often do, Gustav has brought out a lot of good in BR. So I know that we will rebuild. Slowly but surely!

  3. Love all the pics, and cackled about the whole blue tarp thing!

    Do you answer the door everytime your awning rings? (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

    Love the great spirits, and love the pics.
    Take care,

  4. Haha, actually I did check the door most of the time. It would sort of get in a rhythm where it would ring a few times in a row, so I'd check it the first time, try to shift the awning away from the doorbell, and then ignore it the next few times it rang. Then 30 minutes later when it rang again, I'd repeat the process. Luckily, the winds have died down a lot (gusting to only ~35 mph now) and so there hasn't been any ringing today! =)

  5. I am glad you are OK. These photos remind me of ones we took after Katrina in LA.

  6. Wow, that first shot of the uprooted tree is amazing! I've never seen an entire tree pulled out of the ground, only split in half.

  7. Wow. So much destruction. And your poor awning - it's probably ringing the bell as it wants to come inside! :)
    I hope the recovery process goes well, such a lot of work.

  8. Whoa, so glad you came through ok. Just yank that awning down and blame it on Ike. :)

  9. If only I had a ladder tall enough to get the awning down! But then again, that's why I'm renting - so I don't have to deal with stuff like that. ;)

  10. Do you remember the ripples video? I was channeling Philmont...

  11. Happy Birthday for yesterday! (Or maybe it's still 29th there!?) (Ravelry clued me in!) :-)

  12. Hey girl! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  13. You have a good attitude. I love that!

    Thanks so much for attending Jessica's virtual shower on my blog. I know that it means alot to her! Have a wonderful week!
    Leigh, Tales of Bloggeritaville.

  14. Hey girl. Thanks for the sweet comments you left about my book. I really appreciate them!


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