Friday, August 15, 2008


The closest I have ever come to a panic attack has been when I'm shopping for a planner. I'm talking shaky hands, nearly crying in the store, frantic phone calls to my parents, etc. It's happened more than once. I'm incredibly attached to my planners because they keep me on track - if I had to keep all that info in my head, I would explode. I thought I had everything ready for this upcoming semester (classes scheduled, books ordered, binders and paper procured, etc.), when I realized that I didn't yet have a new planner. Crap. I nearly had another panic attack when I got to my local big-box office supply store and saw this:

Waited Too Long (13)

Ugh. Nothing there even remotely close to what I wanted. I am very, very particular. So I'm thinking about making the investment and getting a Franklin Covey planner. Anyone have any experience with them? Advice? They have a store in BR, so I'll be going there in the next day or two, and hope to find something fab!


  1. Hey there! Long time, no talk! It was so good to hear from you! Have you had a good summer? I am cracking up at you and your planner. You sound just like me!! : )

  2. I can't help you *at* all ... my scintillating life is planned on a Pioneer Woman Calendar!!!

    Air show? Please post pictures, my family will be thrilled!

  3. well since I seem to be as much as a fanatic about planners as you are....I am on the search for 2009....not much out there for sure.
    Good Luck...let us know what you find ;)

  4. Hehe, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's compulsive about their planner! =) I ended up getting a Franklin Covey one yesterday and I love it so far. I'll try to make it a Daily Photo sometime this week. =)

    Melissa, I'm impressed you can write on your PW Calendar. Mine is for decoration only, no writing allowed. ;)


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