Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Things

One: The other night, I had a dream that a crazy stalker had trapped me and my kids (?!?) inside my house. (It was a really nice house, with tons of natural light. I hope to actually live there IRL someday!) Anyways, what makes it blog-worthy is that all the while I could see him through the windows (which were everywhere) and I had my camera, and I kept trying and trying to take pictures (you know, so after he killed us, the CSIs would come in, find the SD card, and be able to track down the killer, duh) and though my camera would focus, it wouldn't take a single picture. The little focus box would light up red, it would beep (even though I turned that setting off the day I got it, so annoying!), and I would continue pushing the button and nothing. I'm not sure if I was more freaked about the crazy stalker, or the fact that my camera wouldn't work. Please don't judge, lol.

Two: Today marks the end of the Daily Photo, though I'd like to continue taking random pictures of things that happen to me. In fact, I actually took a picture outside the grocery store today, but it's on my phone and I don't know how to get it on my computer. But with school and research/work, I don't have much spare time, and certainly not during the day when there is good light. The whole "having passed the qualifier" thing is supposed to equal more free time, so hopefully I can do some more "real" blogging. I actually have pics taken for another post on white balance (why am I so fascinated by that topic?), but I need to write up the post. Maybe soon! Here's the last daily photo, from yesterday, intended for the knitblog, but I'll share it here, too:

Charade Socks (22)

My Ravelympics socks, finished with 11 hours to spare. I waited 'til morning to take pictures, so I could have some sun, and then we up and got hit by Tropical Storm Fay, which dumped scads of rain on us. So I figured what the heck, the rain could be in the pic, too. =)

And on that note, it's bedtime. 'Night y'all! =)


  1. I love it!!! Those could be MY feet with the hand knit socks and crocs.

    We be stylin'

  2. I have those crocs! Since I'm a dork, I looked up dream interp online. Here's what I found: A stalker means you have difficulties you are not confronting. A camera means you need to focus on a particular situation. (Or that you are living in the past.) Of course, they didn't cover the camera not working thing...

    Old pictures rock--somehow they just look more elegant. And heartfelt. When is your Granddad's b-day? I'm a January too!

  3. Shrieked with laughter at your stalkery dream!! Photography nightmares ... ...
    I love the socks, and I hope you'll still keep posting regular photos, it's been great!


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